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Your digital cockpit, your unique experience

Visteon has taken the cockpit customization trend to the next level. Whether you’re a new driver, automotive enthusiast or a techie, your vehicle’s cockpit should adapt to your365体育比赛投注 preferences, not the other way around. With our adaptive graphic user interfaces (GUIs), the color, content and complexity of the cockpit can be manipulated by changing values in parameters – avoiding additional asset development. This allows the end user to customize their in-vehicle experience in ways they’ve never been able to before. Automakers gain valuable consumer preference information, reducing both the time needed to develop additional assets and the effort required for mid-cycle adjustments.

Design expertise at every step


The digital cockpit poses new challenges and opportunities for cockpit layouts (product design), demand for seamless interaction between several screens (interaction design), and enhanced consumer expectations for the visual quality of the user interface (graphic design). Visteon’s design experience team has proven expertise in new use cases for autonomous driving and new modes of human machine interaction.

Doing our research. Sharing our expertise.

Visteon takes a holistic approach to ensuring a unique, satisfying user experience. Whether it’s designing shared entertainment between passengers in an autonomous car, or the interface of voice gesture and eye gaze technology in a digital cockpit, our design experience team has expertise in balancing aesthetics, usability and safety. We engage fully with our customers to share our automotive intellect and experience, and to understand automaker requirements for brand and styling.

A holistic exploration of the product experience

During the concept phase, our design experience team explores all aspects of the user experience. Leveraging our global capabilities, we’ll develop a design theme specific to each automaker and vehicle. Our understanding of the digital cockpit guides customers to an optimal, tailored solution.

Developing design assets to spec


365体育比赛投注 In the next phase of user experience design development, Visteon’s 2D, 3D, graphic design and technical artists apply their expertise to develop graphic assets and product specifications. We work to define all functional states of the HMI. We’ll also show you the complete packaging and surfacing that you’ll get at production.

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